The charm of fishing is that it is
the pursuit of that which is elusive,
but attainable.......... a perpetual
series of occasions for hope.
Fishing the mighty St. Lawrence River is a must when planning your next
vacation, fishing trip, or when you are searching for some real fishing thrills
and excitement.
For over a century The St. Lawrence River and The Thousand Islands has been recognized as a top sport
fishing and vacation destination.  The Iroquois called this area "The Garden Place of the Great Spirit". The
St. Lawrence River is world renowned for its Smallmouth Bass fishing, also Northern Pike, Walleye, and
the elusive Muskellunge.  A world record Muskellunge - 69 pounds, 15 ounces - was set here on the St.
Lawrence River.  The present limit is now set at 48 inches.  

We provide fun-filled personalized fishing trips for the individual,  novice or experienced fisherman.  
Groups, families and junior anglers are all welcome.

The season starts the first Saturday in May, beginning with Northern Pike and Walleye, followed by
Smallmouth Bass and Muskellunge opening the 3rd Saturday of June. (Note:  In Canadian waters Bass
season does not open until the 4th Saturday in June.)  

Muskie fishing is the best in the fall - October, November and into December.  The method generally used
is to troll with down riggers.  Muskie fishing requires time and an abundance of patience and is often called
Muskie Madness.  However, the catches are rewarding and can be in the 50+ inch range.
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